Fundamentals of water Polo

entry level class for boys and girls ages 9 – 15

The Fundamentals of Water Polo class is the entry level class for all of our students, even those with prior water polo experience. This class covers eggbeater, head down and head up swimming, dribbling, ball handling, passing, and pressure passing skills. In addition students are taught how to be good teammates and how to respect their coaches. We also teach the practice habits that will be required at the next level.  Students will be moved into our Club Level class when they are ready and have mastered all of these skills.

Sign ups for this class go through the City of La Mirada.  To sign up online, click the sign up button below. To sign up over the phone you can call Community Services (562) 943-7277 or the Splash! Front Desk (562) 902-3191.

Videos for New Students

Eggbeater Video Series


FreeStyle Progression

Passing technique